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Looking to add an antioxidant boost to your formula? Choose the freshest Concord Grape Seed product.

Antioxidants are well known for their overall immune boosting and health improving nature. In general, a diet rich in antioxidants helps one's body to function at its overall best by fighting free radicals. It’s no surprise that consumers are always looking for ways to increase their antioxidant intake. Especially when it comes to millennial consumers, they also want a traceable, American-grown product that’s sustainably sourced, all while doing so without disrupting their normal eating routine. The antioxidants from grapeseed polyphenols and oligomeric proanthocyanins (OPCs) are often thought to be the most powerful antioxidants, yet not all grapeseed products are created equally. Royal Gr

Choosing the best Grape Seed ingredient for your RTD beverage.

Nearly every retail establishment offers RTD (Ready to Drink) beverages. Gas stations, grocery stores, convenient stores, and many other retail stores have a cooler filled with drinks available at the checkout line. The RTD beverage industry has grown over the years, especially in the natural products sector. Years ago, consumers only had sodas to choose from, but now people are looking for something more health conscious, and the available options are growing to meet demand. You’ll now notice drinks boasting protein, antioxidants, vitamins, natural sweeteners, and more innovative ingredients. When choosing an antioxidant additive to your brand RTD beverage, it’s you have several factors to




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