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Royal Grapeseed’s Fresh, Unfermeted Concord Grape Seeds to Fight Free Radicals

We’ve all heard of antioxidants, but understanding them can be a bit more confusing. Don’t we need oxygen? Why would we want to consume anti-oxidants? Oxygen is essential to human life. When we breathe, oxygen atoms are inhaled in pairs. O2 provides energy for our bodies cells and allows our bodies to function. Single oxygen atoms, however, are known to attach to other molecules within the body which leads to cell damage. These are known as free radicals. The sole purpose of antioxidants within the body are to give single oxygen atoms something to attach to, preventing free radicals and their subsequent damage. But how do we ensure that our bodies have enough antioxidants to prevent free rad

Utilizing the Whole Seed-A Guide for Chemical-Free, Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil Extraction

Royal Grapeseed offers gently dried, fresh, antioxidant rich whole Concord Grape Seeds for your companies in house oil extractions. Our Concord Grapeseeds yield about 10% oil when extracted via a cold-press or screw-press extraction method. Extracting grapeseed oil in such a way from our unfermented, pesticide and mold free, whole Concord Grapeseeds results in a precious deep green, pure, extra virgin grapeseed oil with a fruity flavor and aroma. Because no chemicals are used in our drying process, doing a cold pressed or expeller pressed extraction means absolutely no chemicals are ever introduced into the oil. There is no need to refine, bleach, or deodorize the oil when the oil itself is

Concord Grape Seed Polyphenols for Pet Health

As the population looks to consume more ethically and sustainably sourced, plant based foods, many of us also wish to incorporate these changes into our pets diets as well. After all, our beloved pets can fall victim to the same diseases as we can, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. Formulating a specialty pet food including unfermented, single origin, gluten free Concord Grapeseed Powder from Royal Grapeseed will give your brand a high end edge, and also allow you to claim the various health benefits of grapeseed polyphenols. Dogs and cats are just as susceptible to life threatening illnesses as we are. Our pets can get sick with diabetes, cancer, and inflammatory diseases

Do it Yourself Grapeseed Extract - No Fillers, No Additives, No Nonsense, Just Pure, 100% Grapeseed

The global Grape Seed Extract market has been valued at over $120,000,000 with a 7.6% compound annual growth rate through 2025. Typically, grape seed extract is extracted from the seeds using solvents, then spray dried and combined with a variety of filler ingredients to prevent clumping and spoilage. All of which begs the question, how much of that $120 million was spent on actual grape seed? Royal Grapeseed offers the finest, gently dried, whole Concord Grape Seeds for your at home, DIY extractions. Our seeds are vineyard fresh, unfermented, and completely chemical free. We clean and dry them within 24 hours of the grapes leaving the vineyard and being pressed for their delicious juice. Al




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