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Royal Grapeseed will be at Natural Products Expo West!

Interested in whole, bulk grapeseeds, or grapeseed products? We will be at the Natural Products Expo March 6th, 7th, and 8th in Anaheim, California! In addition to our year-round supply of freshly dried, unfermented, and sulfite free Concord grapeseeds grown in the USA, we also offer a complete line of grapeseed products such as Unrefined Grapeseed Lip Oil, grapeseed Extract, grapeseed Flour, and DIY, Chemical-Free grapeseed Extraction Kits. Visit us at Booth N1903 to learn more about our products and services.

Concord Grapes - Superior for your Health

Grapes contain powerful antioxidants called polyphenols, which are well known to improve blood circulation, sharpen memory, and fight free radical damage within the body. Generally, dark fruits, such as Concord Grapes, tend to have a higher ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) rating than lighter colored fruits, like bananas, or even green grapes, for example. A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information states that Concord Grape pulp, which includes the seeds, had the highest antioxidant activity compared to purple, red, and green grapes. While the purple and red grapes showed high antioxidant activity within the skins only, Concords were shown to contain high

Antioxidants for Pet Health

As discussed in previous articles, free radicals can cause harm to our bodies cells resulting in inflammation, and in extreme scenarios, DNA mutation and cancer. Household pets, including cats and dogs, are just as susceptible to oxidative stress to the body as humans are. Studies have shown that older dogs who ingest an antioxidant rich diet are more apt to complete complex tasks than older dogs who were on a control diet. Another study has shown that senior-aged dogs who consumed antioxidants in their diet were less apt to show signs of cognitive decline, such as repetitive licking and patterned pacing. They were also more apt to recognize their human and canine family members, and were mo

Concord Grapeseeds & their Correlation to Glycemic Stability - Why your company should be utiliz

Grapes, and their seeds, are widely known for their beneficial effect on heart health. Yet the health benefits are not limited to cardiovascular health. Studies have shown an undeniable link between polyphenols found in concord grapes and lowered blood glucose levels. Researchers at the College of Food Science of Shenyang Agricultural University have found that after 6 weeks of administering grapeseed extract (procyanidin oligomers) diabetic rats had lower, more controlled blood glucose levels. Another study done by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry has shown that obese mice given grapeseed extract had decreased blood glucose levels, comparable to the control group of mice which

Refined Oils VS. Pure, Cold Pressed, Unrefined Oils. The Royal Grapeseed Difference.

From grapeseed oil, to coconut and avocado oils, specialty cooking oils are becoming all the rage. But not all oils are created equally. Most plant-based oils are extracted with a solvent called Hexane, a petroleum byproduct. When a person is exposed to hexane for any period of time, it can cause damage to the nervous system. After the chemical extraction process, the oils are bleached, degummed, & deodorized with even more chemicals, which further strips the oils of it's natural antioxidants and nutrients. Many oil producers will go through this process to mask an unfresh flavor or aroma. This heavy refining process leaves the resulting oil nearly colorless and odorless, but also devoid of

Unrefined, Unfermented Concord Grapeseed Oil & it's Skin Benefits

Skin hydration is important. After all, our skin is our body's largest organ. Keeping your skin moisturized will not only improve your skin's texture, but you'll look more youthful and radiant, too. But what's the best way to keep your skin hydrated? For years, lotions were everyones favorite way to moisturize. However, most lotions are over 97% water, and can leave skin feeling dry again shortly after use. Lotions also contain chemical additives & preservatives, which can cause sensitive skin to become irritated. Many lotions contain parabens, phlatates, formaldehyde and other porentially harmful ingredients as well. With our population becoming more concious of the threats of such ingredie




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