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Antioxidants for Pet Health

As discussed in previous articles, free radicals can cause harm to our bodies cells resulting in inflammation, and in extreme scenarios, DNA mutation and cancer. Household pets, including cats and dogs, are just as susceptible to oxidative stress to the body as humans are.

Studies have shown that older dogs who ingest an antioxidant rich diet are more apt to complete complex tasks than older dogs who were on a control diet. Another study has shown that senior-aged dogs who consumed antioxidants in their diet were less apt to show signs of cognitive decline, such as repetitive licking and patterned pacing. They were also more apt to recognize their human and canine family members, and were more physically agile than the control group. This research not only suggests that an antioxidant rich diets may slow this mental aging process, but the physical aging process as well.

A seven year study of felines aged 7 - 17 who were fed an antioxidant rich diet has shown that cats fed the special diet had a longer life span, more muscle mass stability, improved body weight, skin thickness and red cell count, as well as a decrease in general diseases, compared to the control group of cats who did not ingest additional antioxidants. Other studies have shown an improvement in overall skin conditions and a decrease of allergen related skin irritations, when fed an antioxidant rich diet.

Incorporating antioxidant rich ingredients, such as Royal Grapeseed's Concord Grapeseed Powder, into your brands pet food can increase value and marketability. Our seeds are grown in the Finger Lakes region of New York state and are cleaned and dried without preservatives or chemicals of any kind, within 24 hours of the grapes leaving the vineyard. Our grapeseeds come from Concord juice grapes. Not only do Concord grapeseeds show higher levels of OPCs than wine grape varieties, but because our grapeseeds are not fermented, the seeds are dried at the peak of freshness and are free of sulfites and sulfur dioxide. We only source Non-GMO, pesticide free grapeseeds so you can be certain that you're adding clean, potent grapeseed antioxidants to your formulations. If you need a ton or a truckload, we can help. Call us today to learn more and to get a quote.

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