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Refined Oils VS. Pure, Cold Pressed, Unrefined Oils. The Royal Grapeseed Difference.

From grapeseed oil, to coconut and avocado oils, specialty cooking oils are becoming all the rage. But not all oils are created equally. Most plant-based oils are extracted with a solvent called Hexane, a petroleum byproduct. When a person is exposed to hexane for any period of time, it can cause damage to the nervous system. After the chemical extraction process, the oils are bleached, degummed, & deodorized with even more chemicals, which further strips the oils of it's natural antioxidants and nutrients. Many oil producers will go through this process to mask an unfresh flavor or aroma.

This heavy refining process leaves the resulting oil nearly colorless and odorless, but also devoid of any health benefits it may have started with. It also promotes the oxidation and rancidity of the oil, because there are no longer any antioxidants present to preserve the oils freshness.

At Royal Grapeseed, we extract our oil differently. First and foremost, we use only the freshest Concord Grapeseeds. Our seeds leave the vineyard and are cleaned and dried within 24 hours. There is no fermentation, and no time for the seeds to spoil. We use only pressure to squeeze the oil from our freshly dried grapeseeds. The resulting oil has a clean, light texture and a delicate aroma and flavor. Better yet, all of the health benefits found in grapeseeds remain in tact.

Don't be fooled by flavorless, refined oils. Even USDA Certified Organic oils can be heavily refined with toxic chemicals! Royal Grapeseed uses only the freshest, unfermented Concord grapeseeds. We never use any chemicals to extract or refine our oil. The result is a clean, pure, cold pressed grapeseed oil that is perfect for use in the food, nutraceutical and skincare industries. Reach out to us today for a quote and to learn how we can add value and health to your business.

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