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The Purest Grape Seed Extract

Create the most pure, unadulterated Grapeseed Extract (GSE) yourelf by making a simple infusion with Whole Concord Grapeseeds and hot water. Simply place a few spoonfuls of whole grapeseeds into a mug and cover with boiling water to steep. Once the mixture has cooled, take up to an ounce daily as your heart-healthy, memory improving, polyphenol rich grapeseed supplement. There’s no need for spray drying or unnecessary fillers when you make your own grapeseed extract from freshly dried, whole concord grape seeds loaded with natural antioxidants and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs).

Typical commercial GSE is always made from rotten, fermented grape pomace left over from the winemaking industry. As wine is their main focus, the left over pomace (grape seeds and skins), are not treated with care after the grapes are pressed. They may be left to sit for weeks unattended. Then, no matter the state of the pomace, chemical solvents are used to extract the oils and polyphenols from the seeds and skins. The oil and extract are then further refined with more chemicals and fillers. The end result is far from potent, and entirely questionable. Royal Grapeseed offers whole grapeseed for your own custom extraction. From a personal 12 oz bottle, up to a thousand tons, we can supply the amount of antioxidant powerhouse Concord Grapeseeds that you need to create the most original, purest form of GSE available.

All of our grapeseed products come from varietal Concord grapes grown in family operated vineyards throughout New York state. The seeds are cleaned and dried using only water and low heat, leaving the seeds unfermented and sulfite free. Both our grape seed oil and powder and 100% nut free, gluten free, Non-GMO, vegan, Halal, and Kosher. Adding grapeseed products to your formula adds unique label claim benefits, including antioxidants like polyphenols and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). The vast majority of ancient grains can’t claim that. Reach out to us today for our spec sheet and COA so you can begin making your own Grape Seed Extract.


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