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Nothing but Benefits with Allergen-Free Concord Grapeseed Flour

More people are becoming aware of their food allergies and sensitivities, and thus looking for allergen free foods that will help them live a more comfortable, healthy lifestyle. In particular with gluten/wheat allergies, many of the alternative options available contain other allergens, such as tree nuts like almonds. Both of which are considered “Big 8 Allergens”, and can cause a wide range of adverse reactions. Royal Grapeseed’s Concord Grapeseed Flour is free of any allergens, including the Big 8. Best of all, even consumers without allergies will enjoy the numerous health benefits of Concord Grape Seed.

Grapeseed flour, sometimes called grape seed powder, has a wide range of uses in the food and nutraceutical industries. Royal Grapeseed’s grapeseed flour is suitable in gluten free and traditional bakery products between 5-10%, including cakes, cookies, and breads. Our grapeseed flour also incorporates beautifully into other products such as protein and snack bars, granola, and cereals. It can be put into a capsule as a grapeseed extract supplement, or added to RTD beverages or drink mixes, like protein and smoothie additive powders. Royal Grapeseed’s Concord grapeseed flour has a very mild, indistinguishable flavor which allows for seamless incorporation into your brand's recipes.

Royal Grapeseed is the nation’s largest food ingredient supplier when it comes to fruit powders, gluten free and nut free flours, and traceable American grapeseed polyphenols and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). Royal Grapeseed offers the freshest, American grown Concord grapeseed flour for your product. Our grapeseed flour is gluten free, nut free, and allergen free, unlike many other alternative flours available today. As mentioned above, using Concord grapeseed flour in your formulation will permit your brand to boast incredible antioxidant value, setting your product apart from the competition. There are zero chemicals of any kind used to process or preserve our grapeseeds. Our grapeseed flour is unfermented, traceable, Non-GMO, American grown and processed, Kosher, and Halal. Reach out to us today for our specs, certificate of analysis.


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