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Fuel your body and mind with 100% pure grape seed antioxidants

Athletes are always looking for new ways to nourish their bodies both before and after a workout. Antioxidants aren't new to the gym scene, but where your antioxidants come from matters.

Royal grapeseed is reinventing the wheel when it comes to pure, unadulterated grapeseed products. Our grape seed powder is a single ingredient, additive free grape seed extract alternative which may offer muscle soothing, soreness reducing benefits post workout. Our grape seed powder contains only varietal concord grapeseeds grown and processed in upstate New York. Our proprietary methods do not use any chemicals or additional ingredients to clean and process the seed, only water and gentle heat is used.

Our grapeseed powder can be added to protein and meal bars, shakes, smoothies, pre- and post-workout formulas, capsules, and more. Royal Grapeseed's grape seed powder is gluten and big 8 allergen free, non-gmo, sulfite free, chemical and additive free, sustainable farmed and processed, single ingredient, kosher and halal. Reach out today for our spec sheet.


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