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Concord Grapeseed Powder and Grapeseed Oil for Easy Allergy-friendly snacks

There has been significant growth within the allergen-free food sector as the public becomes more aware of their families or their own nut and gluten allergies. Creating an allergy friendly snack food couldn’t be easier with Royal Grapeseed’s Concord Grapeseed products.

Some of the biggest allergens are gluten, nuts, dairy, and shellfish. It goes without saying that our Grapeseed products are dairy and shellfish free. What really sells grapeseed powder and grapeseed oil in the allergen-free industry is the fact that they are both gluten and nut free as well. Our facility in Upstate New York processes only varietal Concord Grape Seeds, no gluten or nuts come in contact with our equipment whatsoever. Additionally, we do not use any chemicals in our proprietary products. Grape seed or grapeseed oil are the only ingredients.

All of our grapeseed products come from varietal Concord grapes grown in century old vineyards throughout New York state. Because these grapes are pressed for juice, and not wine the remaining seeds and seed by products are completely unrefined and free of sulfites. Best of all, our grapeseeds are nut free, gluten free, Non-GMO, vegan, Hala, and Kosher. They are completely free of the Big 8 Allergens.

There are endless ways to incorporate grapeseed into your snack recipes and formulas. Both the oil and powder can be used in products such as snack bars, protein bars, RTD beverages and drink mixes, granola and cereals, baking mixes, ready to eat bakery items, and more. Reach out to us today for our spec sheet and COA and begin formulating your new allergen - free snack food.


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