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Chemical free, fresh grapeseed additives for your product. Grown & Processed in NY

Increasing the antioxidants in their diet is a great way for consumers to fight free radicals for overall health. The modern consumer also wants a traceable, American-grown product that’s sustainably sourced. While there are many ingredients boasting the many benefits of grapeseed, not all are created equal. Nearly all grape seed additives available today are harvested overseas in countries like Portugal, Italy, Turkey, and France. The seeds are then processed in Chinese facilities. With these grape seeds changing hands multiple times before they ever become foods or nutraceuticals for you and your family, it’s easy to see why sourcing a 100% American Grown, Harvested, and Processed grape seed ingredient could be the most important choice your company can make.

Royal Grapeseed offers the freshest, American grown Concord grapeseed powder for your product, whether it be a protein or snack bar, RTD beverage, gluten free food, specialty food item, or nutraceutical. Royal Grapeseed’s concord grapeseed powder contains only grapeseed, making it an ingredient perfect for enriching your products antioxidant profile without adding unnecessary fillers. Spray dried grapeseed extracts contain more than one ingredient, and often come from multiple sources and even multiple grape varieties. By adding Royal Grapeseed’s grapeseed powder in lieu of grapeseed extract, you and your customers can be certainly only varietal Concord grapes, grown in a single region of the United States are used. Royal Grapeseed’s Concord grapeseed powder has a very mild, indistinguishable flavor which allows for a variety of uses, unlike grapeseed extract, which can be bitter. Our grapeseed powder contains potent polyphenols and proanthocyanidins at a much lower cost than imported grapeseed extract, not to mention there are zero chemicals or solvents used. Our grapeseed powder is unfermented, traceable, gluten free, nut free, Non-GMO, American grown and processed, Kosher, and Halal. Reach out to us today for our specs, certificate of analysis.


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