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Fresh Concord Grapeseed vs. Spray Dried Grapeseed Extract. What’s the best choice for your RTD bever

The Ready to Drink (RTD) beverage industry has grown over the years, especially in the natural products sector. In addition to tasting great, consumers want an RTD beverage that includes functional ingredients, including antioxidants. When choosing an antioxidant additive to your brand RTD beverage, it’s equally important to consider your customers values as it is cost.

Royal Grapeseed offers the freshest, American grown Concord grapeseed powder for your RTD beverage formula. Unlike a spray dried grapeseed extract, our concord grapeseed powder is not made via chemical extraction and only contains one ingredient-Concord Grapeseeds. Spray dried grapeseed extracts contain various filler ingredients and is quite bitter, which will negatively impact both the texture and flavor of your RTD beverage. Alternately, pure concord grapeseed powder has an indistinguishable flavor and is sifted to 80 mesh for a seamless incorporation into your brand’s RTD beverage. Royal Grapeseed’s Concord grapeseed powder contains potent polyphenols and proanthocyanidins at a much lower cost than imported grapeseed extract, with enhanced label claims. Our grapeseed powder is traceable, gluten free, nut free, Non-GMO, American grown and processed, Kosher, and Halal. Reach out to us today for our specs, certificate of analysis.

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