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Concord Grapeseeds & their Correlation to Glycemic Stability - Why your company should be utiliz

Grapes, and their seeds, are widely known for their beneficial effect on heart health. Yet the health benefits are not limited to cardiovascular health. Studies have shown an undeniable link between polyphenols found in concord grapes and lowered blood glucose levels. Researchers at the College of Food Science of Shenyang Agricultural University have found that after 6 weeks of administering grapeseed extract (procyanidin oligomers) diabetic rats had lower, more controlled blood glucose levels. Another study done by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry has shown that obese mice given grapeseed extract had decreased blood glucose levels, comparable to the control group of mice which was given Metformin, a common medication for type-2 diabetics.

Clearly, the positive effects of grapeseed extract for those with diabetes are undeniable. Formulating a blood sugar support supplement with grapeseed extract will give your brand a competitive edge, as well as ensure that your product is effective. When you choose Royal Grapeseed as your grapeseed supplier, you can be positive that you're adding the freshest, most potent grapeseed ingredients into your brands line up. Royal Grapeseed offers freshly dried, unfermented Concord Grapeseeds in bulk for your own proprietary extraction. Alternately, you can let us handle the extraction process. Our American grown grapeseeds come from local family farms and are washed & dried the same day they are harvested in the vineyard. Because our seeds come from juice grapes, there is no fermentation and thus no sulfites present in our dried seed. Royal Grapeseed has a year round supply of dried seed, rich in antioxidants like OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanids) and resveratrol, the compounds recognized for their blood glucose support. You can count on Royal Grapeseed for all of your company's grapeseed and antioxidant needs.

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